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BBWA is a not-for-profit organisation established with the sole purpose of creating an enabling environment and a structured body that will be a voice for black business women. By joining BBWA, you get an opportunity to have access to the various tangible investment opportunities, and enjoy other additional benefits:

  • Training in understanding various investment opportunities as well as packaging proposals/bids for such investments;
  • Meeting and doing business with corporate procurement officers who are BBWA corporate partners who recognize that women are a great resource and an influential market.
  • Inclusion in the BBWA Directory
  • Access to BBWA's local and international business women's networks as well as participation in trade missions.
  • Linkage of your business to the BBWA website
  • Membership rates at BBWA-sponsored events
  • Leadership and business development training
  • Participate in influencing legislation to accelerate the economic empowerment of black business women.


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Name of Account: Black Business Women Association
Bank: Standard Bank Thibault Square
Account Number: 072 839 090
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