One once said, "Liberate a man, you will have liberated an individual, liberate a woman you will have liberated a nation."

That statement is so true especially given the plight of black women in general who have not only suffered racial and economic discrimination, but had an added burden of gender discrimination.

Since 1994 a lot has happened, many changes have come within the society that have positively affected the value and place of women in society. Today, women have a representation in almost all the areas they feel they have a meaningful contribution to make. It suffices to say that we have not arrived yet.
Launch of the Black Business Woman Association (BBWA)

The launch of the Black Business Woman Association (BBWA) was celebrated in true African style at Moyo Restaurant at Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, Cape Town..
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Contact Person: Hilda Ndude
Tel: (011) 463 7400
Fax: (011) 463 7400
Address: 30 Peter place, Lyme Park
Bryanston, Block A, CJH Building.

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Black Business Women's Association (BBWA) is a new initiative set up to create an enabling environment for black business women. In line with its objective of creating a strategic platform where women can harness the potential and expertise of established black business women for the mutual benefit, BBWA will be running a launch conference. The launch conference is expected to have a two-pronged approach. Firstly, it will be a communication tool - marketing the existence of BBWA to those that have been unfortunate enough not to hear about this dynamic movement. Secondly, the launch conference will also pose as a learning environment which will concentrate on information and experience sharing through various communication modes.
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